Wills and Estate Planning


TexasLegalDocs, through the respected legal services of the Texas-based law firm of Rattikin & Rattikin LLP, is the pre-eminent source for cost-effective, customized estate planning documents. Our experience in the estate planning, probate and guardianship fields makes us highly qualified to prepare comprehensive estate planning documents.

Our LifeLine service offers individuals professionally prepared estate planning documents that will; ensure that there are trusted individuals in place to carry out their personal and financial affairs in the event of their incapacity; ensure that doctors and medical professionals carry out their instruction in case of a medical emergency or irreversible condition; and ensure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes at death and not according to an impersonal method detailed by the laws of the State of Texas.

Even in situations where death or incapacity is not an issue, many times an individual needs to appoint another party to act on their behalf in a matter, such as the closing on a house purchase when one of the buyers is unable to attend. A Statutory Durable Power of Attorney is extremely helpful in facilitating the completion of normal everyday financial matters.

A prudent person should, at the very least, have the following estate-planning documents:

  1. Will, which sets forth a person’s clear desires as to the distribution of their assets upon death.
  2. Statutory Durable Power of Attorney, which appoints another person to take care of financial issues in your absence or upon your disability.
  3. Medical Power of Attorney, which appoints another person to make health-care decisions for you in the event you are incapacitated.
  4. HIPAA Authorization, which authorizes another person to have access to your medical records.
  5. Directive to Physicians, sometimes known as a “living will”, which instructs doctors and medical personnel not to use artificial means of prolonging your life if death is otherwise imminent and irreversible.
  6. Declaration of Guardian in the Event of Latter Incapacity or Need, which names the persons whom you want to be or do not want to be the guardian of both your person and estate in the event a guardianship should become necessary.
  7. Designation of Guardian of Minor Children, which names to person or persons to raise your children in the event both you and your spouse should die or become incapacitated

The end result? An individual can feel secure knowing that they have a comprehensive estate plan that has been prepared by an industry-leading law firm at an amazingly affordable price.