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Our Firm

RATTIKIN. The name is synonymous with commercial and residential real estate law in the State of Texas.

Jack Rattikin, Jr., and Jeffrey A. Rattikin—the partners comprising Rattikin & Rattikin, LLP—have a combined 85-plus years of experience in all aspects of commercial and residential real estate law across the State of Texas. The firm continues a tradition of providing the most professional, ethical and up-to-date legal services available in the industry. In response to the growing needs of its clients, the firm has expanded its areas of practice to include a broad range of real estate and transactional services.

We would welcome the opportunity to assist you with your legal needs, and appreciate your interest in the Firm.

Our Philosophy

rattikin-squareThe firm of Rattikin & Rattikin, LLP prides itself in providing our clients with comprehensive, ethical and accurate representation in their real estate transactional needs. We listen to our client, analyze the issues at hand and the proper steps necessary to ensure an effective solution, and ultimately deliver a professional and complete set of legal documents to our clients that will serve and protect them for years to come. The firm is different from traditional law firms in that we strive to deliver top quality legal services to the end-consumer, rather than large corporate entities. Our focus is on the everyday citizen who needs accurate and enforceable legal documents to help their families grow, succeed and enjoy life. We do not get trapped in the world of endless legal minutia, disputes and games associated with litigation and/or large corporate representation. Most exciting is our willingness to break through the traditional barriers of legal representation and offer our services online, utilizing the latest in technology and social networking platforms.

Our History

Jack-Rattikin-Sr Jack Rattikin Sr.


Jack Rattikin, Sr. began practicing law in the 1916, and quickly took a special interest in land records and real estate. By the 1920’s, Jack Sr.’s interest in real estate law led him to join Maco Stewart in leading the charge for the establishment of the title insurance industry in the State of Texas. Jack Sr. established and opened the title offices across the state, introducing Texans to the new concept of title insurance. By the time the Great Depression gripped the country, Jack Sr. had established his own law office and title company, which would eventually grow into one of the largest independent title agencies in the nation. But such a powerful company had a rather inauspicious start. In 1934, Jack Sr. was given the opportunity to own one of only two complete copies of the Tarrant County real property records, as long as he could get them out of the building in which they were housed within an afternoon. Realizing the importance of this opportunity, he backed up a pickup below a second floor window, and dumped all the records through the window and into the bed of the pickup. Several years later, the Tarrant County Courthouse copied his records, since they lost their own records in the turn of the century courthouse fires. Ironically, Jack Sr.’s frantic record dump out of a second floor window played a huge role in saving the historic record of Tarrant County.

Jack-Rattikin-Jr Jack Rattikin, Jr.

In 1968, Jack Rattikin, Jr. assumed control over the law firm and title company. While continuing the Rattikin legacy of serving in leadership capacities, Jack, Jr. has been honored with numerous professional and lifetime achievement awards for his unequaled contributions to the growth and integrity of real estate law and the title insurance industry both within Texas and across the nation.

Jeff-Rattikin Jeffrey A. Rattikin

In early 1993, Jeffrey A. Rattikin joined the Rattikin law firm. And quickly saw an opportunity to expand its services and client base beyond the family title insurance operations. Under Jeff’s leadership, the firm quickly took advantage of niche opportunities to practice commercial and residential real estate law in ways distinct from the age-old practices of traditional large law firms. First, the firm established a boutique title closing operation, catering to a select residential and commercial market segment. Second, the firm created an unequaled expertise in Sec. 1031 Tax –Deferred exchanges, now owning and operating three distinct exchange companies. Under the banner of such companies, Jeff quickly established himself as the market leader in the industry, and currently handles exchanges across the nation. Most recently, the firm has taken the initiative to form a one-of-a kind online legal services company known as TexasLegalDocs.com, which provides internet-based secure real estate transactional law services for clients across the State of Texas. This newest initiative utilizes state of the art technology to deliver accurate and secure documents to our clients, facilitated through the use of the latest social networking and internet platforms.

Our Historic Location

Rattikin & Rattikin, LLP is proud to be located in an extremely historic location. The building in which we call home, now known as Rattikin Square, was originally constructed in the year 1914. Initially, the building served as an off-campus Officer’s Club for military officers stationed at the Camp Bowie Army Base during World War I. Here an officer could enjoy a brief respite from a rigorous training regimen occurring on the base right outside the gates. Numerous artifacts from the Army Base days, including old bills detailing the officers’ choice of libations, have been found in the building’s basement over the years.

Subsequent to the closing of the Camp Bowie Army Base, the building underwent a series of renovations and additions as the Camp Bowie corridor began to take shape. The street car line constructed along Camp Bowie to whisk citizens to this rapidly developing side of town ended right outside the gates, where it turned south to ferry passengers to the new recreational areas around Lake Como. For a few decades, this building served as a boarding house with one notable tenant, Lee Harvey Oswald. As detailed in the Warren Commission Report, Oswald lived in this building while in high school, where he first began communicating with various socialist and Marxist organizations.

Many Fort Worth citizens fondly remember this building as the site of the much beloved Rangoon Racquet Club, an infamous watering hole that played host to Fort Worth’s trendy Westside crowd and numerous visiting celebrities during the 1970’s. The bar, with its popular beer garden in the back, has been mentioned in books and movies, and was known as the in-spot among in-spots during its reign as Fort Worth’s most famous gathering spot. The Rangoon closed during the early 1980’s, but its memory lives on the hearts and minds of long-time Fort Worthians

Find us at: 4936 Collinwood Ave. Suite 200 Fort Worth, TX 76107

Our Causes

TLD Loves a Good Walk in the Park We at TexasLegalDocs.com all about enhancing the quality of life for Texans. To that end, one of our primary focuses will be on financially supporting Texas parks and public open spaces. From Memorial Park in Houston to Trinity Park in Fort Worth, from Lost Maples State Park in the Hill Country to the Monahans Sandhills in West Texas, from Big Bend to the Padre Island National Seashore and beyond, you can count on our support!

TLD Wants to Lend a Helping Hand We are serious in our desire to help our fellow Texans in need. It is indeed a privilege to offer our financial support to faith-based organizations around our State who minister to the spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of our fellow Texans.


TLD Cares for Our Neighbors TexasLegaloDocs.com supports a wonderful outreach organization known as Volunteers For Christ, Inc. (“VFC”), a non-profit IRS approved 501(c)(3) Christian organization formed for the specific purpose of reaching out to the poor,destitute children of Brazil. Specifically, VFC provides educational, medical, housing, vocational and spiritual comfort and assistance to the villagers of tiny Abreu do Una, a remote fishing village on the coast of Brazil, as well as to the citizens of Recife, Brazil, a city of several million impoverished residents. At both locations, VFC focuses on improving the lives of the local children, mostly orphaned and plagued with disease, drugs and deplorable living conditions. We encourage you to visit VFC’s website,
vfcbrazil.blogspot.com, to gain a full understanding and appreciation for its varied programs and initiatives. Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration of this ministry.