TexasLegalDocs.com: Legal Docs at your Doorstep

TexasLegalDocs.com offers Texans the ability to obtain top-quality, Texas-specific legal documents, drafted by some of the most respected attorneys in the State, all from the comfort of your own home. No law office visits, no retainer fees, no consultation fees. Just comprehensive solutions to your legal needs, securely delivered to you online and on time. More than just a form library in which you must guess what documents are needed to address your situation, at Texaslegaldocs.com, your legal needs are evaluated by Board-Certified Texas attorneys* to ensure that your transaction is handled and documented fully and completely. Documents are produced which meet your needs completely, correctly and conveniently. All at a cost less than half of that charged by lawyers practicing the age-old way of relating to their clients.

TexasLegalDocs.com offers you the following benefits:

  1. Complete solutions to your legal needs
  2. Accurate, professional documents, unlike form libraries which require you to pick the forms you need and fill in blanks with little or no instruction or understanding
  3. Texas-specific documents, fully valid and enforceable in Texas, unlike the generic, multi-state forms available on other online law form libraries or computer-generated websites
  4. Informative, helpful website, with tutorials, instructions and videos explaining what you need to know in entering a particular legal transaction
  5. 24/7 access to your documents
  6. Convenient ordering and communication online from your own home
  7. Convenient payment options, including credit card, online check and PayPal
  8. Efficient one-day turnaround of your documents, delivered to your computer via a secure online connection
  9. Consumer-friendly pricing, without retainers, consultation fees and/or exorbitant overhead charged by the big law firms

For more information, please visit www.texaslegaldocs.com

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*Jeffrey A. Rattikin is board-certified in Residential Real Estate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.