Boundary Line Agreement Form for Texas Residents

Especially in older subdivisions, it is not uncommon for fence lines and sometimes even portions of improvements, such as driveways and garages, to have been placed or erected over a boundary line between two properties. Many people fear that such an encroachment, if left unchecked, could lead to an “adverse possession” claim, whereby the encroaching owner could claim ownership over a portion of his/her neighbor’s property. Alternatively, a significant encroachment could have an adverse impact on an owner’s ability to sell his/her property, if it is subject to an encroachment by a neighbor. These issues are frequently resolved amicably with a Boundary Line Agreement. Under such an agreement, the parties acknowledge the true boundary line between the properties, and the encroaching owner releases any claim to the strip of land encroached upon. In return, the “encroached upon” owner allows the encroachment to continue for so long as he/she is not adversely affected. Once an issue pops up (such as a potential buyer’s objection to the situation), the encroaching owner agrees to remove the encroachment at their own expense.

Price: $175